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Meet our team of advisory board members and our managing director.

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Other Advisory Board Members

Ted Mannino – PhD – Principal / Investor

Consultant, Instructional Design and Distance Learning, Harrisburg area, PA, Developed and implemented an instructional design distance learning environment for Wilkes University graduate courses and local K-12 area schools….

Relevant Professional Experience
2006- present: Consultant, Instructional Design and Distance Learning, Harrisburg area, PA Developed and implemented an instructional design distance learning environment for Wilkes University graduate courses and local K-12 area schools. 1992-2005: Instructional Technology Coordinator, Cumberland Valley School District, Mechanicsburg, PA Coordinated district technology program for planning, purchasing and administering technology, staff development and technology curriculum. Supervision of technology staff integrators, computer teachers and lab aides. Coeditor of district newsletter. Supervision of District Website. Designed, developed, and implemented technology professional development for 600 educators and 300 support staff. Created online professional development resources for faculty and staff. 1997-present: Adjunct Graduate Faculty, Pennsylvania State University York Campus, York, PA Created and implemented the instructional technology component series for Penn State York’s Graduate Level Focus Masters program. Developed blended learning component through Penn State’s Web-based Course Management System. 1989-1996: Instructional Technology Consultant, AMP Incorporated, Harrisburg, PA Developed and implemented an instructional design observation assessment for AMP Computer Skills Development instructors. Created instructional manuals for software applications, purchasing applications, and train-the-trainer. Conducted training seminars in Harrisburg and Winston-Salem, NC.

Recent Seminars & Presentations

Mannino, T.C., Bergstresser, E. et al. (2009) ” Utilizing Online Learning for Professional Development”.  Penn State One-to-One Conference, University Park, PA. April 29, 2009.

Mannino, T.C. & Bergstresser, E. (2008). “Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment for a K-5 Educational Technology Program.” Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference, Hershey, PA. February 10, 2008.

Mannino, T.C. (2005). “Creating effective Web design to enhance communication.” A workshop presented to Penn State University Main Campus Adult Education, Instructional Systems, & Workforce Education students and faculty. November, 2004.

Mannino, TC. (2004) “Principals’ Perceptions of Teacher Resistance in the Classroom.” Presentation/discussion topic of Ph.D. dissertation to Capital Area Intermediate Unit Multi-district Forum, Harrisburg, PA. November 11, 2004.

Mannino, T.C. (2004). “Creating a blended environment with Angel, Penn State’s course management system.” A workshop with Penn State University Instructional Systems staff. October, 2004.

Mannino, T.C. (2003). “Staffing issues with K-12 Public School Technology Programs.” A presentation at Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference, Hershey, PA, November 25, 2003.

Mannino, TC (2000) Chaired and facilitated Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Statewide Technology Coordinator’s Summer Workshop at Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA July, 2000.

Keith L. McClellan, JD, MBA

Keith McClellan has been in the technology commercialization and business start up field since 1991, when he earned an MBA from Penn State University…

Keith McClellan has been in the technology commercialization and business start up field since 1991, when he earned an MBA from Penn State University with a finance emphasis. His graduate education includes a Juris Doctor degree from Vermont Law School in 1982 with an emphasis in commercial law. From 1983 to 1989, he worked as both in house and outside counsel for regional banks and commercial lenders in Nevada, where he worked on structuring complex financial transactions. He is an active member of the Nevada Bar.

Honorable Tidal “Ty” W. McCoy

Ty founded Washington Capital Partners in 1998, after a thirty year career spanning active military service, Presidential-appointed government positions and senior executive experience…

Ty founded Washington Capital Partners in 1998, after a thirty year career spanning active military service, Presidential-appointed government positions and senior executive experience within the aerospace and defense industry. Prior to forming WCP, Ty served as Senior Vice President for Government Relations at Thiokol, now Alliant Techsystems Inc. (NYSE: ATK). From 1981 to 1989, Ty held several Presidential-appointed positions within the government, culminating in his role as Acting Secretary of the Air Force in 1988. From 1979-1981, Ty served as Assistant for National Security Affairs to Senator Jake Garn of Utah and, in 1977, served as the Scientific Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Engineering, and Systems. He was Staff Assistant and later Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense from 1973-77. He served on the National Security Council staff, Executive Office of the President, in 1973; and he was a member of the long-range planning and net assessment group in the office of the Secretary of Defense, 1972 to 1973. Ty served as a combat unit commander in Germany and Vietnam and as an intelligence officer with DIA, CIA, and NSA. He serves on several corporate and non-profit Boards of Directors and is currently Chairman of the Board of the Space Transportation Association of the United States. He is the recipient of numerous civilian and military medals and honors. Ty received his B.S. in Engineering from the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. and an M.S. in Business Financial Management from George Washington University. Ty and his wife, Judy, reside in Virginia with their two children.

Edmond D. Pope – Captain USN, Retired

Captain/Retired Ed Pope graduated from Oregon State University and immediately entered the U.S. Navy. During his twenty-five year career, he traveled extensively in the Far East, Europe and the Mediterranean…


Captain/Retired Ed Pope graduated from Oregon State University and immediately entered the U.S. Navy. During his twenty-five year career, he traveled extensively in the Far East, Europe and the Mediterranean. During his last 15 years in the Navy, his career focused on Research and Development and advanced technology program management. During his final tour at the Office of Naval Research, Captain Pope initiated and became the first director of a formal program focused on cooperation and funding of select science & technology opportunities in Russia and other republics of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) for the benefit of the US Navy. He also worked closely with other services/agencies and private industry on many of these technology projects and was invited to participate in numerous high-level US government advisory groups. He retired from active duty in March 1994. Ed then accepted a position at The Pennsylvania State University where his responsibilities entailed identification and management of cooperative research and development activities with organizations in Russia and other republics of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). In July 1997, he left Penn State and established a consulting activity focused on commercialization of technology from Russia, Ukraine and other FSU republics. In this position, he continued to work with Penn State, in addition to several private companies. Much of his past ten years have been devoted to identification and commercialization of advanced technologies from foreign and domestic sources. As a result of his working the Navy and subsequent years, he has a broad understanding and working knowledge of a wide breadth of technologies, to include materials, propulsion systems, instrumentation, manufacturing, energy, and other areas. In April of 2000, during his twenty-seventh (27) trip to Russia, he was arrested by Russian KGB/FSB operatives and charged with espionage in a politically motivated event associated with the election of Vladimir Putin as the new president of Russia. After being held for 253-days in a Moscow prison, was convicted in a “closed” Russian court and given a 20 year sentence in Siberia. Immediately after the conviction, President V. V. Putin pardoned Captain Pope and allowed him to return home. He has since authored the book TORPEDOED and continues to do public speaking events on the incident.


Oscar W. “OJ” Johnson

“O.J.” Johnston was born and raised in Centre County, Pennsylvania. He attended State College Area High School and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1971 with a degree in business administration… 

“O.J.” Johnston was born and raised in Centre County, Pennsylvania… He attended State College Area High School and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1971 with a degree in business administration. He received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1977. As a career Air Force officer and aviator he attended a number of formal military schools including Undergraduate Pilot Training, Squadron Officer’s School and the Air War College. Notably, he was recognized as a Distinguished Graduate of the year-long Air Command and Staff College resident program in 1985.

O.J. was commissioned via the Air Force ROTC program at Penn State and entered active military service in 1971. After completing flight and combat crew training, he was assigned to the 416th Bomb Wing at Griffiss Air Force Base in New York as a B-52 bomber pilot assigned to Strategic Air Command. From 1980 he was selected for Air Force test pilot duties and conducted test flights of varied radar systems and air-to-ground weapons at the Air Force Flight Test Center in California and at the Boeing Company facilities in Wichita, Kansas. In 1985, he reported to the Pentagon for the first of two tours there totaling nine years. His Pentagon activities focused on developing the nation’s advanced stealth aircraft and special weapons as the Chief of the Strategic Branch of Special Projects on the Air Staff. Colonel Johnston returned to flying duties in 1989 and was ultimately selected for command duties. Under his command, his squadron was named the “Best in the Air Force” in 1991. He returned to the Pentagon in 1993 working for the Secretary of the Air Force as the Deputy Director of Special Programs until his retirement in 1997, culminating 26 years of distinguished military service.

Mary J. Mannino – CRNA, JD

Mary has been president of the Mannino Group, Inc. of Laguna, CA since 1981. She is also an administrator and anesthetist in the OC Surgery Center of Santa Ana, CA…

Mary has been president of the Mannino Group, Inc. of Laguna, CA since 1981. She is also an administrator and anesthetist in the OC Surgery Center of Santa Ana, CA. She received a B.S (Anesthesia) from George Washington University in 1977 and her J.D. from Irvine University School of Law in 1981. Mary has held several positions in her career including: Director, Assistant Director, Special Instructor, Lecturer, and Adjunct Associate Professor. She has received awards for “Professional achievement” and “Outstanding Excellence”. Mary holds a professional membership in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists where she has been an active practicing member, since 1962. She served as President (1987 – 1988), President-elect (1986 – 1987), Vice-President (1985 – 1986) and Regional Director (1983 – 1985). Her committee appointments have been in several sectors including: Education, Continuing Education, Government relations, Public Relations. Long Range Planning, Finance. She has served on the Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists as a member (1978 – 1981) and (Chairman 1981, and also served on the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists. She has served on the Food and Drug Administration, Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Panel (1978 – 1986). She has written over a dozen publications on the field of anesthesiology as a result of decades of experience in this field.

Linda Callahan – MD

EDUCATION: Master of Science in Nursing, California State University, Long Beach, Awarded 12/22/97

Thesis: “The Effect of Intraoperative Methocarbamol (Robaxin) Administration on Postoperative Pain Following Bilateral Submuscular Augmentation Mammoplasty” 

Doctor of Philosophy/ Educational Evaluation and Measurement College of Education Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida, 1994….   

Susan A. Smith

Over 30 years of executive management experience operating companies in a CEO, COO or CRO role in an M&A environment or as a strategic advisor in a restructuring situation. Other conditions include raising capital, mezzanine or ABL financing…


Performance Consulting Group – Sugar Grove, IL 1992 – Present
Principal and Founder

The business transformations listed below were conducted for a number of management consulting firms across a broad range of manufacturing and service based firms in various industry sectors and range in revenue from $50 million to $500 million.

♦ Tolt Services, Inc – Charlotte, NC Executive Consultant
Technology service provider for all major grocery chains and specialty retailers
Brought in by the company and the capital firm to craft go forward strategy that addressed eroding EBITDA
Results: Strategy created to recover $2.5 million in EBITDA over the next six months
» Restructured the organization chart, the reporting structure and added second tier of management
» Created accountability and responsibility standards to empower decision making at all levels
» Designed forecasting, planning and scheduling systems to better deploy field resources
» Expanded inventory assess to all service vehicles in the field
» Identified headcount reductions based on better scheduling
» Reduced shipping costs through accurate deployment
» Restructured regional operations to respond quicker to increased demand

♦ Mid-Way Supply, Inc – Zion, IL Chief Operating Officer
Northern Illinois distributor for Trane HVAC products with 7 warehouse locations
Brought in by agreement with lender, board and majority owner
Results: Cut debt service in half by restructuring $9.5M in loans
» Restructured the company and the operations
» Crafted a new go to market strategy
» Implemented bar code systems in the warehouses
» Jettisoned a poor performing division
» Restructured branch operations for retail and wholesale transactions

♦ CamFab Corporation – Smithfield, NC Executive Consultant
A concrete forms and scaffolding rental company for major construction projects
Brought in by the lender to execute Chapter 7 asset recovery
Results: Recovered $21.5M from asset liquidation
» Retained staff in 5 locations: Clayton, Durham and Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
» Worked directly with Trustee to secure assets for major lender
» Worked with staff to collect AR and equipment from each construction site
» Negotiated settlements with equipment vendors
» Set up auction in two states

♦ Sandy Alexander Inc. – Clifton, NJ Consultant
A multi-format, multi-plant lithographic printer specializing in high quality work for the fashion, automotive and financial industries
Brought in by the first position lenders to determine the most effective go forward strategy
Results: Accepted offer by mezzanine firm to institutional lenders to buy out their stake
» Assessed the viability as a going concern at the New Jersey and Tampa plant sites
» Worked with all five stakeholder institutions to understand everyone’s needs
» Crafted a plan to reorganize the company at a reduced revenue rate based on current shrinkage
» Created debt restructuring alternatives to satisfy each party

♦ Giftco, Inc. – Vernon Hills, IL Consultant
The largest importer of items for the fundraising industry which included 90% of all US elementary schools
Brought in by the CEO to pare down and reorganize the excess inventory to attract a new lending institution
Results: Secured debt refinancing and stabilized company
» Built a three store retail chain in 45 days
» Liquidated $5.8 million in inventory in two months
» Negotiated and contracted to liquidate the balance of $6.4 million in first half of 2009
» Eliminated the need for two third party warehouses saving $1.2 million annually
» Removed top line number from the balance sheet to attract refinancing

♦ WasteDry, LLC – Chicago, IL Chief Executive Officer
An experimental processing plant to gasify municipal waste sludge with green technology
Brought in by the investors (CME Members) to turn around the acquisition
Results: Sold the assets to a larger firm when economic downturn made other options unattractive
» Assessed the viability of the design and engineering of the plant
» Redesigned the plant to modernize the equipment
» Crafted long term business plan to leverage patented technology
» Secured financing for the cost of plant retrofit
» Crafted and presented proposals to the cities of Philadelphia and Camden, NJ

♦ Blackhawk Manufacturing, Inc. – Salem, OH Consultant
A manufacturer of parts for the automotive industry
Brought in by the majority equity firm to craft a next step strategy
Results: Sold company in a 363 sale
» Assessed the operations, management and assets of two plant locations
» Crafted the strategy to place the company in bankruptcy protection
» Attracted the DIP financing required to maintain a going concern through automotive companies
» Saved the jobs of 1200 employees
» Crafted go forward strategy

♦ Dairy Farmers of America – Kansas City, MO Consultant
The nation’s largest diversified cooperative manufacturer of dairy products
Brought in by the CEO to craft a shutdown strategy for a cheese plant in Corona, CA that was under an $18 million contract to consume steam from a power plant.
Results: Created solution to consume the steam with a zero sum impact
» Navigated the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) statutes and case law to craft legal solution
» Designed system to cool steam to distilled water
» Worked with municipality to merge distilled water into drinking water system
» Solved water shortage issue within the Colorado River basin
» Navigated local politics to ease the impact of the shut down

♦ Flexi-Mat – Plainfield, IL Chief Operating Officer
Largest manufacturer of pet beds
Brought in by the lender to recover $18 million in loan guarantees
Results: sold company to a foreign entity
» Restarted manufacturing to consume inventory, build product and position company for sale
» Negotiated sale of manufactured product to existing customers – Target, Petsmart, Petco
» Crafted book and released into equity, capital, hedge and competitive markets
» Disposed of assets to raise operating cash
» Repaid in full all debt to bank

♦ Consolidated Manufacturing, Inc – Hutchinson, KS Chief Operating Officer
A re-manufacturer of automotive engines and Ford Motor Company power train distributor
Hired by the board and the family trust to turn the company around.
Results: Resolved financial issues and solved pension shortfall
» Eliminated payable debt through negotiations with vendors
» Shut down unprofitable portion of the manufacturing operation
» Restructured the debt with the bank
» Repositioned and reincorporated the distribution side for future growth
» Recovered cash from the selective sale of the capital assets
» Resolved all legal issues associated with the plant shut down

♦ d_skin, LLC – Chicago, IL Consultant
A maker of a polycarbonate sleeve that covers any type of CD, DVD or other disc media
Engaged by holding company (Draupner LLC) to dissolve the LLC via Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABC)
Results: Sold company to foreign entity in Cyprus
» Performed due diligence on the operation to determine strategy
» Set up Trust Agreement as an ABC
» Seized control of all of the assets including bank accounts, patents, trademarks, tooling and inventory
» Created prospectus to attract potential buyers
» Solicited stalking horse bid to set up auction

♦ 2nd Swing, Inc – Minneapolis, MN Consultant – Business Broker
Fifty store retail chain selling pre-swung golf equipment
Brought in by the lender to position the company for sale or liquidate all of the assets
Results: Recovered 45% of investment through liquidation upon bank’s request
» Performed extensive due diligence on a niche business model that focused on buy/sell/trade
» Crafted book to position the company for sale
» Mined for potential equity partners or acquisition by chain retailer
» Engaged liquidators to dispose of all of the company’s assets

♦ Compass Environmental – Chicago, IL Consultant
An environmental remediation firm specializes in large scale projects
Installed by the board, the lender and the equity partners
Results: New strength positioned the company for acquisition
» Restructured the debt with the lender
» Rebuilt the operations to accommodate seasonality
» Converted capital equipment into cash with lease back agreements
» Shut down non-profitable office locations
» Opened locations in advantageous regions
» Restructured sales force
» Identified additional vertical markets to increase sales

♦ M&R Companies – Niles, IL Consultant
World’s largest manufacturer of screen printing presses for the textile industry
Engaged by lender to craft exit strategy
Results: Negotiated with owner to buy out the lender, who was made whole
» Performed due diligence on national and international operations
» Defined future of the market
» Identified future marketplace opportunities
» Crafted detailed exit strategy with multiple options for the lender
» Defined sales multiple and all potential funding sources

♦ Metropolitan Graphic Arts, Inc. – Mundelein, IL Consultant
A packager of consumer product samples for P&G, Kimberly Clark, J&J, Alberto Culver, Wyeth Laboratories, Roche, Glaxo-Smith-Klein
Brought in to grow all aspects of the operation, exit declining industry, change the product mix, and to craft a long term strategy to support the company for the next decade.
Results: Converted company from printing to consumer product sampling operation
» Reengineered existing products to adapt to customer need
» Identified and installed all capital equipment to handle the product shift
» Worked with DEA to set up handling systems to meet standards that govern over-the-counter drugs
» Designed costing system to control profit margins
» Drew up succession plan for family run company

♦ United States Professional Volleyball League
 – Oakbrook Terrace, IL Chief Operating Officer
Professional Sports League with Olympic, National, All American and International players and coaches.
Brought in by the financier to build an entire professional sports league from the ground to games on the floor in a six month time frame with $16 million of founder money.
Results: Executed the most successful professional league startup with a 23% ROI
» Drew up contracts for players and coaches
» Negotiated real estate contracts, built team offices in four cities and set up the league office
» Built an award winning transactional web site with ticket (Ticketmaster) and fulfillment functions
» Designed supply chain management to handle fulfillment for all retail team gear
» Successfully constructed detailed operating model to attract $42 million in additional funding
» Crafted and executed the branding strategy at the league and team levels that attracted $7 million in sponsorship
» Piloted effort that designed a new game ball and recruited a major manufacturer for royalty fees
» Finished the building process on time and on budget to complete the first full season


RR Donnelley and Sons – Chicago, IL
A multi-national communications company serving a broad base of clientele
Director of Integration
Directed the acquisition, transition and consolidation of two new properties for the specialty products division of this international company.

Solar Communications – Naperville, IL
A multi-national printing and packaging company serving the major publishers throughout the world.
Vice President of Operations
Directed all North American Operations that grew company from $20 million to $60 million in 3 years
General Manager
Plant Manager
Customer Service Representative

Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL
A daily broadsheet newspaper
Production Manager
Handled all of the advertising from satellite offices to produce a daily product

MS in Business Administration – Aurora University, Aurora, IL
BS in Communications – University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, WI


Brad Ishler

Brad Ishler, founder of Quality Systems Services, Inc., has more than 30 years of professional experience and leadership in Quality Management, Process Improvement and Organizational Development. As a Quality Executive in the electronics industry, Mr. Ishler has been instrumental…

Brad Ishler, founder of Quality Systems Services, Inc., has more than 30 years of professional experience and leadership in Quality Management, Process Improvement and Organizational Development. As a Quality Executive in the electronics industry, Mr. Ishler has been instrumental in the successful implementation of various “Lean” and “Six Sigma” improvement tools, concepts and processes including Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, Cellular Flow, Standardized Work, Team Development, Statistical Process Control, etc. Mr. Ishler has assisted with a number of Department of Defense continuous improvement projects. He has authored, implemented, managed and audited numerous ISO 9000 compliant quality management systems and is a certified ISO 9000 lead auditor.