At Investors First Capital we follow a simple business philosophy: To devote our talent and services to our partner lenders and business clients, and to contribute to a better capitalistic society.

Every day our people bring this philosophy to life. Our leaders search for capital partners from around the world, and provide them with the resources they need to offer innovative loan products to a captive business environment. The result is that all of our products, from seed capital, to industrial leasing and finance, connect people across continents, and have the power to enrich. That’s what making a better capitalistic society all is about.

Accordingly, we take our financial partners very seriously. With our unsurpassed range of unique lending solutions, you can count on us for whatever you need, whenever you need it.  We’ll custom design financing to meet the needs of our partner lenders and borrowers.

We received a letter from John C. Lyons Jr, Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief National Bank Examiner, in reply to questions we had relating to requirements for collateral.

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