Mary J. Mannino - CRNA, JD
Mary has been president of the Mannino Group, Inc. of Laguna, CA since 1981. She is also an administrator and anesthetist in the OC Surgery Center of Santa Ana, CA.

She received a B.S (Anesthesia) from George Washington University in 1977 and her J.D. from Irvine University School of Law in 1981.

Mary has held several positions in her career including: Director, Assistant Director, Special Instructor, Lecturer, and Adjunct Associate Professor. She has received awards for "Professional achievement" and "Outstanding Excellence".

Mary holds a professional membership in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists where she has been an active practicing member, since 1962. She served as President (1987 - 1988), President-elect (1986 - 1987), Vice-President (1985 - 1986) and Regional Director (1983 - 1985).

Her committee appointments have been in several sectors including: Education, Continuing Education, Government relations, Public Relations. Long Range Planning, Finance. She has served on the Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists as a member (1978 - 1981) and (Chairman 1981, and also served on the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists. She has served on the Food and Drug Administration, Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Panel (1978 - 1986).

She has written over a dozen publications on the field of anesthesiology as a result of decades of experience in this field.