Investors First Capital's mission is to assure our investors and partner-lenders that not only will their loans be backed by strong assets, but they will also be backed with years of expertise in all phases of commercial lending and also with uncompromising integrity in underwriting. Our goals are to exceed lender expectations while offering our business clients innovative, highest quality borrowing solutions.


Recognizing today's challenging business atmosphere and the need for capital, Investors First Capital specializes in funding specific industries that will succeed in any economic climate. Our team is focused on identifying growth companies with an emphasis on defense, energy, medical and security specializations. Our partner lenders are unrestricted which allows IFC to offer capital access to all emerging enterprises. We are common sense lenders and we pledge ourselves to open-mindedness and building long-term, trusting relationships with our investors, partner-lenders, and business client entrepreneurs. We, along with our partner lenders, project loan and venture capital volume to exceed $500M within the next 24 - 30 month period.


IFC's first commitment is to assure our lenders with maximum asset security. In addition to first asset lien position on all business assets and mortgages, our borrowers will be required to personally guarantee each transaction by pledging his or her personal assets as additional security. In the event the borrower's asset ratio does not meet our requirements, additional co-endorsement will be required.


Unlike our competitors in the finance industry, Investors First Capital is unique as IFC does not charge any fees in advance. We pride ourselves on being a contingency fee based organization. Borrowers, however, can provide us with their recent business and personal credit reports or IFC can provide this service at a nominal charge. Upon approval, but before closing, borrower reports will be verified for accuracy at the borrower's expense.

Fees at Closing

IFC fees are determined by the amount of risk and time involved in the packaging and the underwriting of each client loan request. If IFC acts as intermediary on the transaction, there could be additional fees on behalf of the investor who is actually funding the transaction. IFC contingency fees range from .25% to over 12% which may not include outside legal fees, overnight courier charges, document preparation costs, title insurance and others fees associated with closing the IFC client's loan.